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Gmail Deleted Emails – Are They Gone Forever?

Accidentally deleting an email is a problem everyone faces at some point. Then trying to find the email later is a scavenger hunt that never ends.

Depending on when you deleted the email, Gmail may still have the it available to you. Use our tips to quickly search within your emails, deleted folders, and spam, then you may need to bring in the Google team to help you out.

Try Searching Every Nook and Cranny

First make sure that you have looked everywhere for the email. You can search for it on your phone, but a computer will be easier.

  1. Open Gmail
  2. At the top there is a search box. If you click the down arrow at the far right of the search box, a dialog box will open.

The dialog box allows you to search everything- you can even search for an email by putting a word or two you remember in the search field “has the words.”

  1. In the dialogue box, the most important filter is the one next to the word “Search.” Make sure you select “Mail & Spam & Trash” because “All Mail” will not include the Spam folder.
  2. Click “Search.”
  3. If you do not see the email, double check your search settings. If you filled out each field, your search may be too narrow, so try searching for the email with only the “From” or “Has the words” section.

Double Check Forward Settings

Check to make sure the email was not automatically forwarded to another email.

The forwarding options are under settings (the gear icon in the right-hand corner). Make sure you have checked “Forward a Copy of Incoming Mail” and “Keep Gmail’s Copy in the Inbox.”

If You Still Cannot Find the Email

If you can’t find the email, it is either because it was deleted over 30 days ago, or you accidentally selected “Delete Forever” on the trash folder.

This is a case only the Gmail Support Team can solve because they will need to search for your email on their server.

Google Search “Google Support My Messages Have Gone Missing,” and fill out the form as best as you can. You will receive an email within an hour saying whether or not they have found the email, or if they will need more time.

Is My Email Gone Forever?

If you selected “Delete Forever” or if your email sat in the trash folder for over 30 days, most likely the email is not recoverable. Google routinely cleans their server of deleted emails, so it is unlikely you will get your email back (but it never hurts to ask!).

You may see ads for recovery email software. Be wary of such software because if the Google team is unable to find your email, no one will be able to.

AMD Ryzen CPUs: The New One

The new Ryzen CPUs are the first AMD processors to be released by AMD in several years. After producing extremely average FX processors for over a decade, the release of the AMD Ryzen CPUs finally shakes things up with a CPU that can actually compete with Intel’s processors, unlike the old AMD-FX models which were nowhere near able to do so.

Ryzen’s new CPU lineup consists of the Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 and the Ryzen Threadripper. Depending on which CPU is chosen, these new processors offer anything from 4 cores with a 10-megabyte cache all the way up to 8 to 16 cores, up to 32 processing threads and from 20 to 40-megabyte cache.

CPU Specs

AMD Ryzen 3:

– 4 Cores

– 10 MB Cache

AMD Ryzen 5:

– From 4 to 6 Cores

– Up to 12 Processing Threads

– From 10 MB to 16 MB Cache

AMD Ryzen 7:

– 8 Cores

– 16 MB Processing Threads

– 20 MB Cache

AMD Ryzen Threadripper:

– From 8 to 16 Cores

– Up to 32 Processing Threads

– From 20 MB to 40 MB Cache

As for the prices, the cost of the various models of AMD Ryzen processors are wildly different depending on which specific CPU you are talking about. They go from being as low as $130 for the Ryzen 3 all the way up to the Ryzen Threadripper at a rather pricey $880(


When compared to the previous generation, AMD-FX CPUs, and the current Intel i7 processors, the Ryzen 7 CPUs proved to be more than a match for them in most ways, at least where general performance is concerned. Gaming is where it gets a little bit tricky. While the Ryzen CPUs aren’t bad at gaming, by any means, they are noticeably worse in FPS (Frames Per Second) performance, when it comes to the high-end processors like the Ryzen 7 and the Threadripper( When you drop down to the Ryzen 5 and i5 level of performance, however, things become much more even. Another thing to keep in mind with this is that most games have been primarily optimized for use with Intel CPUs due to superior performance so this may indeed change in the future as more developers optimize their products to take advantage of the Ryzen CPUs rather than focusing exclusively on Intel’s processors.

Upgrade Requirements

For an upgrade to Ryzen, you will require a brand new motherboard due to some changes being made by AMD to their CPUs. The Ryzen-specific motherboards add a number of modern features to AMD’s CPUs like 10 Gbps USB 3.1, M2 Solid State Drives and so on. Upgrading will also require new RAM as AMD is moving from DDR3 memory to DDR4. Finally, Ryzen only supports the Windows 10 OS so, the only way to make use of one of AMD’s new line of CPUs is if you are already using Windows 10 or if you specifically upgrade for the purpose of getting a Ryzen CPU.

5 Apps Every Android User Needs

The reason why you chose an Android phone is because it is customizable to what you need. There is an app for every function you can imagine for a phone.

Want your lights to turn on when you come home? Manage it with Ifttt.

Want to share a document to work on with your class partner in class? Share and edit the document in real time with Google Drive.

Want to find the least congested route with the cheapest gas on the way? Use Waze.

We have narrowed down our personal favorite apps that increase productivity and enrich creativity. Below are our top 5 apps that every Android user needs.

  1. Nova Launcher

Whether you love using color coded folders or you want to see your favorite widgets on your home screen every time you unlock your phone, Nova Launcher is the best, customizable home screen app. Even Android Central and Android Police say its features are better than the stock launcher.

Nova Launcher is a highly optimized program that allows you to change the layout, scrolling, themes, and colors on your home screen.

Don’t want to create one from scratch? You can download hundreds of icon themes that are ready to go.

You may consider upgrading to Nova Launcher Prime for $4.99. You can customize gestures and hide apps you do not normally use.

  1. Boomerang Notifications

Ever had to hunt through a list of notifications, looking for the one you put off when you first saw it? Boomerang Notifications simply gives you your notification, then you are able to snooze it to come back at a later time or set an alarm for it to return.

If you accidentally remove a notification when you wanted to read it or set an alarm, Boomerang will keep it for a short time, allowing a grace period for you to view it again before disappearing completely.

Boomerang Notifications is also customizable. You can select which apps will give you the prompts for snooze and alarm.

  1. Cam Scanner

Scan and send PDFs easily with Cam Scanner. Simply take a picture with the app of your document, crop and edit the picture, then you can send it in an email or save it.

Now all of your business cards, certificates, and receipts can be converted to PDFs and JPEGs for easy filing and sharing.

The premium feature is $4.99/month or $49.99/year, which gives you 10 GB of cloud space and extracts all text from each scanned document as a .txt file.

  1. Snapseed

Get the professional photos you want by editing them on your phone- no expensive desktop apps needed!

You can add a glow to an image, add darkness to the edges, give your photo an older look with the Vintage filter, and you can even blur out an ex from a photo.

Snapseed’s newest update has a great new editing history feature. Now you can reverse any changes you have made to a photo without starting over.

  1. LastPass

LastPass is the easiest way to give you password security. Say good-bye to using the same password for everything because LastPass can create unique passwords for each app and site you visit, then store it so you can easily view them later.

This free app can also safely store photos and documents you want to keep available but hidden. You can either use a password or a finger print scan to unlock your passwords.

The best feature is the sharing abilities. You can use the app to share passwords securely with family / friends, and you can also grant emergency access to someone.

There are many apps out there, and the best apps are the ones that decrease your workload because of their increased productivity.

ASIC Processors – Technology’s Most Powerful, Tiny Ally

Laptops, tablets, and cell phones are getting thinner and faster thanks to ASIC technology.

The ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) is the fastest, newest IC (integrated circuit) on the market. ASICs are smaller than ever, but they allow even up to 100 million gates! Their small size and large abilities create great speeds and energy efficiency for users.

ASIC processors are used in highly produced, high consumer products, such as cell phones, military gear, medical equipment, and NASA tools.

These complex chips house many processes for specific purposes. For instance, your car can contain an ASIC that manages your turning signal, your check engine light, and your gas gauge (along with many other functions) all at the same time.

Tiny, Speedy, and Efficient

  • Customized Design – Each ASIC is engineered for its specific purpose. There are some standard basics you can keep, but the entire chip is tailored for a multitude of analog functions.
  • High Efficiency Processes – You can have as many gates as you want, wasting no space and creating the highest speeds and lowest electric energy cost.
  • Durable Construction– Fewer parts and simpler designs mean a longer life and fewer design and manufacture problems.
  • Unable To Be Replicated– The complexity and customization of each ASIC make them nearly impossible to replicate, making it more difficult for competitor rip-off.

Some Drawbacks

  • Extended Design Time- In order to get the chip just right, production can take months (and even years!). You cannot purchase one “off the shelf.”
  • High Production Cost- Because ASICs are so complex and cleverly designed, the drafting, creation, testing, and creation of the chips are expensive. Getting the tools necessary to develop one chip is very expensive alone. But the payout is worth it if you want to mass produce them.

The biggest disadvantage to ASIC processors is the costs associated with design and production. But as technology advances, we can expect that ASIC production will become favorably lower.

How to build a GPU rig for Bitcoin mining

Few people realize that building PCs for Bitcoin mining is a real possibility. The crypto currency is as popular as ever in recent months. That has driven the price up to astronomical levels recently too. People see the currency as an opportunity to invest in a new market found exclusively online. The currency can also be traded independent of any government influence along the way. That is an enticing proposition for investors who want to earn income quickly. But some are confused about how they obtain that valuable currency. There is a new method that is being discussed in certain circles.

Learn how to build a GPU rig for Bitcoin mining. That rig can actually run itself and generate the currency all day long. The device has already been tested and used extensively to great effect as well. People trust the rig and want to see what kind of production it can showcase. Get to know some of the terminology behind building such a rig. A portable Bitcoin rig is even possible to design for those in need. Follow instructions closely and avoid trying to build the wrong kind of rig. Start small and be pleased with the results that people can accomplish.

Choose the right kind of crypto currency that will be targeted by the rig. Bitcoin is just the start, with Etherium and Litecoin also being very popular among users. Dogecoin and Zcash are other types of currencies that follow a similar kind of mold. The rig will need to mine for these crypto currencies correctly moving forward. Try to specify what kind of rig the model will be once completed. That will help the team follow instructions closely and use the right hardware too. Avoid making mistakes and watch the rig start generating crypto currency as soon as possible.

Be sure to start using an online wallet specifically for that chosen currency. The Bitcoin wallet has proven to be a popular feature of the currency. It is convenient and easy to deposit earned income directly to the wallet. People want to know more about the Bitcoin currency whenever possible. Use the wallet to understand what sets Bitcoin apart from other currencies already out on the market. Many retailers are now accepting Bitcoin as part of their selected currency. That is good news and has helped raise awareness about Bitcoin itself. Any GPU rig will work to deposit funds in to the new wallet.

Get a cost estimate for the project that is getting underway. How to build a GPU rig for Bitcoin mining is an important subject. It costs a fair amount of money to earn that kind of income too. Be ready to invest a fair amount to build a rig that actually works. Think about how a portable rig could be the answer for those in need. How to build a GPU rig for Bitcoin mining is an important concept. Share inside information with close friends as the project gets underway. That could build a partnership that lasts over time.