ASIC Processors – Technology’s Most Powerful, Tiny Ally

Laptops, tablets, and cell phones are getting thinner and faster thanks to ASIC technology.

The ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) is the fastest, newest IC (integrated circuit) on the market. ASICs are smaller than ever, but they allow even up to 100 million gates! Their small size and large abilities create great speeds and energy efficiency for users.

ASIC processors are used in highly produced, high consumer products, such as cell phones, military gear, medical equipment, and NASA tools.

These complex chips house many processes for specific purposes. For instance, your car can contain an ASIC that manages your turning signal, your check engine light, and your gas gauge (along with many other functions) all at the same time.

Tiny, Speedy, and Efficient

  • Customized Design – Each ASIC is engineered for its specific purpose. There are some standard basics you can keep, but the entire chip is tailored for a multitude of analog functions.
  • High Efficiency Processes – You can have as many gates as you want, wasting no space and creating the highest speeds and lowest electric energy cost.
  • Durable Construction– Fewer parts and simpler designs mean a longer life and fewer design and manufacture problems.
  • Unable To Be Replicated– The complexity and customization of each ASIC make them nearly impossible to replicate, making it more difficult for competitor rip-off.

Some Drawbacks

  • Extended Design Time- In order to get the chip just right, production can take months (and even years!). You cannot purchase one “off the shelf.”
  • High Production Cost- Because ASICs are so complex and cleverly designed, the drafting, creation, testing, and creation of the chips are expensive. Getting the tools necessary to develop one chip is very expensive alone. But the payout is worth it if you want to mass produce them.

The biggest disadvantage to ASIC processors is the costs associated with design and production. But as technology advances, we can expect that ASIC production will become favorably lower.

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