Gmail Deleted Emails – Are They Gone Forever?

Accidentally deleting an email is a problem everyone faces at some point. Then trying to find the email later is a scavenger hunt that never ends. Depending on when you deleted the email, Gmail may still have the it available to you. Use our tips to quickly search within your emails, deleted folders, and spam, […]

AMD Ryzen CPUs: The New One

The new Ryzen CPUs are the first AMD processors to be released by AMD in several years. After producing extremely average FX processors for over a decade, the release of the AMD Ryzen CPUs finally shakes things up with a CPU that can actually compete with Intel’s processors, unlike the old AMD-FX models which were […]

5 Apps Every Android User Needs

The reason why you chose an Android phone is because it is customizable to what you need. There is an app for every function you can imagine for a phone. Want your lights to turn on when you come home? Manage it with Ifttt. Want to share a document to work on with your class […]

ASIC Processors – Technology’s Most Powerful, Tiny Ally

Laptops, tablets, and cell phones are getting thinner and faster thanks to ASIC technology. The ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) is the fastest, newest IC (integrated circuit) on the market. ASICs are smaller than ever, but they allow even up to 100 million gates! Their small size and large abilities create great speeds and energy efficiency […]

How to build a GPU rig for Bitcoin mining

Few people realize that building PCs for Bitcoin mining is a real possibility. The crypto currency is as popular as ever in recent months. That has driven the price up to astronomical levels recently too. People see the currency as an opportunity to invest in a new market found exclusively online. The currency can also […]